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*Abu Dhabi

Welcome to APMAD, the world's leading Virtual Research Institute dedicated to pioneering breakthroughs in biotechnology. At the heart of Abu Dhabi's scientific advancement, we are transforming the future of healthcare. Our research focuses on key areas: cancer, brain health, metabolic and genetic disorders. APMAD is more than an institute, it's a hub where innovative thinking meets practical solutions, where talent thrives, and where every discovery contributes to a healthier, brighter future. From seasoned scientists to budding researchers, from investors to healthcare professionals, APMAD is where you shape the future of medicine.

* ASPIRE Precision Medicine Abu Dhabi – Virtual Research Institute


Your Gateway to Revolutionary Biotechnology - Embrace the Future with Us

At APMAD, we are opening new horizons in Abu Dhabi's biotech landscape, ensuring sustainable health improvements through precision medicine. We welcome you to explore:

w Our unique research "platforms", each pioneering in generating a specific type of biomarker

w The transformation of these platforms into universally accessible cost centers, affirming our commitment to long-term sustainability

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Dive into our journey as a virtual research institute, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of science and knowledge.



Explore our focused research areas: genetics, metabolics, brain health, and cancer, as we unravel the mysteries of each domain.

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