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Revolutionizing Abu Dhabi's Healthcare: Precision Medicine and Biomarker Research

This Virtual Research Initiative (VRI) is set to revolutionize Abu Dhabi's biotechnology research and healthcare, creating permanent improvements that will notably increase life quality and longevity. We aim to lessen the burden caused by non-communicable diseases through precision medicine, where individualized treatments are based on scientific principles. Our VRI will establish a scientific toolkit centered on biomarkers, used to confirm disease states and predict therapy outcomes. By proposing research projects targeting prevalent diseases in Abu Dhabi, our findings, facilitated by our partnership with SEHA, will quickly integrate into improved clinical care. To maintain globally competitive research, an upgrade of the entire biotechnology ecosystem in Abu Dhabi is essential.

w The scope is to elevate Abu Dhabi's biotechnology ecosystem via 'platforms'—comprehensive research infrastructures generating specific biomarkers. These platforms, envisioned as universally accessible cost centers, will ensure the ecosystem's long-term sustainability.

w The approach prioritizes building a talent pipeline—from undergraduates to faculty—in Abu Dhabi, focusing on nurturing Emirati talent. Through continuous education, incentives, and provision of professional development and leadership training, we aim to cultivate a sustainable ecosystem within the VRI.

w The outcome is the VRI will immediately begin improving healthcare in Abu Dhabi and will progressively make significant, lasting change to the biotechnology ecosystem such that it will be viewed among the best in the world.


Infrastructure and Talent Development Initiatives

w Developing a comprehensive research infrastructure named 'platforms', each generating a specific type of biomarker (for instance, DNA/RNA biomarkers in the genetics platform).

w Ensuring the long-term sustainability of these platforms by transforming them into cost centers accessible to all, within and beyond Abu Dhabi.

w Fostering talent, with a particular emphasis on Emirati talent, which will significantly influence the ecosystem.

w Establishing a talent pipeline from undergraduates to graduate students to faculty members.

w Encouraging involvement and providing education at every step of this pipeline.

w Acknowledging the importance of lifelong education, which, in this VRI, encompasses even senior professors and leadership.

Lifelong Education and Leadership Training

Beyond the development of research infrastructure and talent, we also believe in the criticality of lifelong education and leadership training. In our Virtual Research Initiative (VRI), this concept extends to senior professors and the leadership team, reinforcing the idea that learning never stops. Hence, professional development and leadership training programs will be made available to all members of the VRI leadership, reinforcing their skills and knowledge base. As we look to the future, we aim to establish a pipeline of potential leaders, primarily recruited from the Emirati population. This endeavor aims to ensure that the leadership mantle is passed on to capable hands, thus securing the future of our research and the healthcare advancements it promises.


As an Emirati graduate student, the Virtual Research Initiative provided me with the unique opportunity to delve into biotechnology research. The access to comprehensive platforms and the emphasis on individual learning and professional development is truly unparalleled. This Initiative is not just upgrading the biotech ecosystem; it's also shaping the future scientists of Abu Dhabi.

Aliyah B., Graduate Student

As a part of the VRI leadership, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of this initiative on our healthcare research. The focus on precision medicine and biomarkers is genuinely revolutionary. Moreover, their commitment to developing local talent is commendable. It’s an initiative that's setting up Abu Dhabi as a global leader in biotechnology.

Dr. Fahad K., VRI Team Lead

Working with the VRI has been a game-changer for our organization. The accessibility to cutting-edge biomarker platforms has significantly accelerated our research, and the focus on continual education ensures we are always at the forefront of biotech advancements. The VRI is indeed elevating the entire biotech ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Maryam S., Biotech Researcher

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